Saturday, May 28, 2011

Third Tri and Beach Bound!

Wow. How am I here already?! Third trimester?! I think it's so hard to believe because this pregnancy has been so easy *knock on wood* that I haven't really felt pregnant until the last couple of months. I absolutely cannot believe that in about 3 months this abstract, squirmy thing in my belly is going to be an actual baby - OUR baby. One that lives with us and relies on us and maybe even looks like us. Holy crap.

We leave for a week in Myrtle Beach tonight and I can't wait. We're going with MH's family and I may be ready to strangle someone by the end (especially since I can't drink!) but I am looking forward to some warm weather and sunshine since the weather here has been SO rainy this spring. I'm hoping I do ok with the flight (it's only an hour and a half and it's a direct flight) and with walking around in the heat. Pics to come afterward, I'm sure!

How far along are you?: 27 weeks

How big is baby? Um...eggplant sized I think?

Weight gain/loss?: +20-ish lbs total (yikes!)

Stretch marks?: None so far but I definitely check every day!

Maternity clothes?: Oh yes. And I need to stop buying them! I keep trying to remind myself that I am only going to be pregnant for three more months!

Sleep?: Still pretty good

Best moment this week?: My SILs feeling her move. And I passed my GTT.

Food cravings?: Apple slices 

Gender?: Girl!

Movement?: She is definitely moving in there. I mostly feel her at night, but she makes sure to kick me a few times during the day too.

Belly button?: Definitely getting flat.

Symptoms?: I've been really tired, and my back kills me on the left side after sitting at my desk all day. Also had my first feet swelling incident this week after walking around campus - fun stuff.

What do I miss?: I will definitely miss alcohol when I'm at the beach next week. *giant sad face*

See you all in a week! :o)

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  1. How is it possible that you are in 3rd Tri?!?!?! Holy crap, she'll be here before you know it!
    You still look adorable! I hope you have a fabulous vacation!