Thursday, August 23, 2012

1 Year Old!

[Amelia's party will be on Saturday, so more fun stuff to come! :-) ]

My sweet Amelia,

It's 10pm on August 22, 2012. One year ago today at this time, your daddy and I were leaving the house to head to the hospital, knowing the next time we walked in the door we would be a family of three.

At 3:09 the next morning, after exactly 24 hours of labor, you arrived in our lives. The moment the nurse laid you on my chest, nothing else mattered. You were amazing and perfect and I couldn't believe this tiny person was the same being that had poked and kicked and hiccupped in my belly for the past nine months.

I still didn't know then what it truly meant to be a mom. I didn't know how I would feel so helpless and frustrated, or how your first laughing fit over a toy piano would be the sweetest sound I'd ever heard. I didn't know that every time I thought I couldn't lose one more hour of sleep, I would, and I would survive it. I didn't know that being a mom meant  I would have to be strong and brave when we faced more doctor's appointments than one baby should have in a year. I didn't know that I would still to this day feel the need to check on you before I could fall asleep myself - and risk waking you up by touching your cheek or your back or your toes.

You are such a spirited, strong willed little girl. I often wonder where life will take you, and I hope you will use that fire in you to love others fiercely and follow your dreams. The past year has both flown by and at times stood still, but it has been a beautiful adventure.

Your daddy and I love you, sweetheart, and we always will.

Happy 1st birthday, kiddo. We made it!


My silly girl!


  1. She is too sweet! I love her facial expressions. lol Happy Birthday, Amelia! =)

  2. LOVE! Congrats Momma, you made it. I wasn't sure if any of us would, but looks like we all survived!

    You couldn't have done a better job with Amelia. She's so lucky to have you as her mom.

  3. Happy 1st Birthday to sweet Amelia and congrats on a great first year to her fabulous Momma! Been thinking good birthday wishes for you both this week and I hope year two is just as wonderful!