Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blog of Shame

Um...have I really not posted since November? Oops. I'm coming back, I swear. Life has been crazy with work, a lack of being on any sort of real schedule due to snow (we are currently at 8 missed days and countless two hour delays for my district after this nasty winter), and well the holidays. Which were almost two months ago. Yowza.

I'm hoping to post a two and a half year update/letter for Miss A. I probably have a few other things to fill you in on after that if you haven't written me off yet. (Spoiler alert - no, I'm not pregnant, since that seems to be the question everyone asks you once your kid turns two.)

Until then, here are a couple of holiday pics of my adorable, grown up girl. You know, since I haven't seen you all since then. In the words of Ah-nahld, I'll be back...

Christmas Eve 2013
Valentine's Day 2014



  1. Oh my cuteness!!!!! She is such a doll :) It's good to see you blogging again.

  2. I'm pretty sure you can continue to use the "holidays" excuse until at least June. Or is that just me?

    1. Let's go with that. I mean...Christmas...New Year's... Groundhog Day... President's Day... major interruptions to my life flow ;-)