Thursday, August 4, 2011

36 weeks (a little belatedly)

I hadn't done an update in awhile, so I figured why not...

How far along are you?: as of today I am 36w 5days

How big is baby? Around 6 lbs if the books are to be believed

Weight gain/loss?: +35-ish lbs

Stretch marks?: Miraculously no, but I keep waiting for them to show up.

Maternity clothes?: My wardrobe is very limited these days. I have taken to wearing the hubby's tshirts when I get home from work because so few of mine cover my stomach!

Sleep?: Finally kicking my butt. I wake up every night at 1:30, 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30, and my poor husband has been kind enough to sleep on the couch for much of the past two weeks.
Best moment this week?: Realizing there's only a month to go!

Food cravings?: Still fruit - grapes, strawberries, apples...good thing it's summer! 

Gender?: Girl!

Movement?: She enjoys shoving body parts into my sides and ribs and rolling all around pretty regularly.

Belly button?: Still flat.
Symptoms?: Swollen feet. My hands have started getting tingly and my arm falls asleep when when sleep. And I feel like I need a forklift to get me off the couch and out of bed.
What do I miss?: Beer. And being able to move like a normal person.
Here's my pic from last Saturday at 36 weeks, before my sister's bridal shower at my house.
I'm hoping after my SIL's bridal shower Saturday that I will be able to make some headway on final projects/organizing in the nursery. New heat and a/c should be taken care of upstairs in the next couple of weeks, and maybe just maybe I will find a way to get a new vehicle before this baby gets here! She'd better hang in there for a couple more weeks because Mom has a lot to do!


  1. You still look great! I can't believe you are down to THREE weeks! Holy crap this went by fast!

  2. You look fantastic and you are really in the home stretch now! She'll be here before you know it :)

  3. Ok, I'm with you on the sleep...I was so frustrated last night I wanted to scream.

    And, I literally LOLed when you said you need a forklift to get you off the couch and bed, because Brandon and I talk about that all the time. It'd make life so much easier! I HATE ROLLING OVER/GETTING UP.

    You look cute as always :)

  4. Seriously, cutest pregnant person ever!