Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ok, now I get it

[No clue why there is a good two inches of blank space at the top of this post.]

I have been very blessed by a pretty uneventful pregnancy - no morning sickness, feeling pretty good and having everyone tell me I look great. So when I've read about the pregnant ladies who are SO ready to be done being pregnant, I naively thought, "I'll never say that." I would like to humbly retract that statement.

In all reality, I am still not ready to NOT be pregnant. I've kind of liked it and I feel like I am going to miss it once I have an outside baby. And knowing my little bun is tucked safely inside the oven where I don't have to worry about the millions of things that come with being a new parent is pretty great. But I feel like I am quickly approaching the miserable line.

- My feet are swollen (which is not helped by the fact that my leg, as mentioned here, is still not healed, but that's another story). I wear flip flops to work every day and my feet seem to have permanent lines from the straps.
My feet look like his.

- I can't bend over or roll over without feeling like I'm trying to climb Mount Everest. I dropped an earring under my night stand last night and almost cried because I had no clue how I was going to find it. 

- I feel sick to my stomach and have my reflux flare up on a pretty regular basis and there is NO room for food. My darling husband keeps telling me that if he were pregnant he would eat everything in sight. Unfortunately I have nowhere to put it.

If only I could store food in my cheeks...

- I wake up about six times a night having to switch positions - see above re: rolling over.

- Everything annoys me. Everything. And it usually leads to some sort of emotional meltdown at my husband's expense. Last night the cat puked on the floor as I was sitting with my giant cartoon feet in the recliner, and C was complaining about having to clean it up. I started yelling about how the cat couldn't help it and if he was going to complain about it I would just haul myself in the other room and figure out how to get to the floor and do it myself.


- I have no clothes that fit. I am rotating through three skirts (same style, different colors), one pair of shorts, and a few dresses. The weather finally cooled off and I tried to wear jeans today - alas, my one pair of maternity jeans wouldn't go past my thighs. everyone who told me I'd be so over pregnancy at the end, I concede. You're right. I value every day my baby girl stays where she needs to be, and I don't want to rush her in any way, but to quote the lovely Katherine McPhee, "I'm so over it."

*disclaimer* I really, really hope I didn't jinx myself by writing this because I have an appt this afternoon with an ultrasound to double check the baby's growth since my belly measured the same two weeks in a row. The OB wasn't too concerned and I'm interested to see how big she is getting, but I want her to hang out in there for at least another week - Mom's got stuff to do yet!


  1. Holy crap...I could have written this entire thing myself. I know I'm 3 weeks behind you, but I'm already feeling the exact same way. I'm not ready to have an outside baby, but the waking up to roll over, the limited wardrobe, fat feet, etc. etc. are no fun. But, I'm trying not to whine yet because I know it very well may get worse for me since I still have 5 weeks to go.

  2. Hey...I just got your comment, but since TB is down I don't know how to contact you! :) If you want I'll tell you how we put our mobile together! Email me at lacey dot berrier at gmail dot com. (feel free to delete this comment if you wanna!)