Thursday, November 10, 2011

You know you're a mom when...

There are always descriptions of heartfelt, touching moments where women "knew they were a mom." Looking at their babies' faces as they sleep, holding them for the first time...all of these are fine and good, but I have compiled a list of personal experiences that have let me know I've truly entered the world of mommyhood.

You know you're a mom when... dig boogers out of your child's nose with your pinky nail, and then wait for the child to fall asleep before you get up to dispose of said boogs on a tissue. What? It's just baby snot... fall asleep sitting up with a baby attached to your boob (granted, we are formula feeding now, but this happened a LOT in those first few weeks). get spit up in your hair and just rinse it out in the sink. can perform the following tasks with one hand: making a sandwich, eating the sandwich, making coffee, preparing a bottle, putting clothes away in a drawer, feeding the cat, retrieving mail, putting on socks, changing batteries in the baby swing. Bonus points: texting/emailing with one thumb. automatically wake up when your child has slept for more than four hours because you realize you've been sleeping too long and obviously something must be wrong. manage not to wreck your car as you reach into the back seat to stick a lost pacifier in your screaming child's mouth. somehow juggle a carseat, diaper bag, purse, bag of bottles and your lunchbag in one trip to/from the car.

There you have it. I've officially been initiated into mommyhood - no turning back now! Other mommies - what have been your "Yup, I'm a mom" moments?


  1. Haha oy. So glamorous! How about when you wipe drool from his/her mouth, glance at it, and wipe it on your shirt because you figure "eh, it's clear. It will dry.".

  2. Agree with everything you've send and I look at Houla like, "And what's wrong with that??" How about clean your baby's face with your own saliva and thumb? Call/text the exciting news about your baby's poop to your husband? ;)


  3. Wow, these are so accurate! I especially identify with the pacifier thing. I've become pretty good at keeping my eyes on the road while locating his mouth with my pinky and then inserting the paci.

    Amelia is beautiful, btw!