Monday, February 28, 2011

What a weekend

I had such a crazy weekend that I don't really even know where to start. I guess I'll start at the beginning. My SIL was due to be induced on Friday, but ended up going into labor on her own on Thursday night. I spent Friday at work dying for updates, and ended up getting to the hospital just as she was born. She had a rough start - she aspirated meconium and had a tough time breathing on her own, and my SIL was running a fever so they immediately started the baby on antibiotics. They also had to give her glucose through an IV so she wouldn't aspirate any milk. The doctor who came in to talk to the family (there were like 20 of us in the room - it was kind of out of control) didn't exactly deliver the news in the best way, and there were lots of tears, making for a rough night for everyone. But I'm happy to report that baby Isabella is now home and doing well! Here she is:

It was extremely crazy to think that I'll be having one of my own in 6 months. I have been badgering my poor SIL for all the gory details so I can be prepared!

In the midst of all of the happiness, I also got into a big fight with my husband. He has been wanting a dog ever since we moved into a house with a yard, but I'm against it for a few reasons. One, our fence needs redone. It's falling down and there are gaps so you wouldn't be able to put a dog out in the yard without watching it. Two, we have new furniture that I don't want a dog chewing up (to say nothing of my shoe collection). Three, we're not really home much and I don't think it's fair to crate a dog all the time. And finally...we're having a baby in six months! I don't need another baby to take care of!

My hubby (and many family members) knew his dad and his dad's gf were getting us a puppy (a chocolate lab) and then they sprang it on me when we were leaving to go to the hospital to see my SIL. I was livid. I think they thought I'd change my mind when I saw how cute it was but I could really care less. So right now it's staying with its sister at my FIL's while I try to decide what to do. I hate that I was put in this position, and that my husband put me in it. I also hate that they paid a lot of money for this puppy from a breeder when I personally support getting pets at a shelter.

Last on the crazy train was the weather. Yesterday was gorgeous - about 55 and sunny - and then today the temp is going to drop into the 30s. Last night I kept getting woken up by thunder, and at 4:30am I woke up to the tornado sirens going off for the second time since we've lived in our house. I poked my husband in a panic and said, "Is that the sirens?" and he goes, "Uh huh," and just rolled back over. Oh this is what I have to look forward to when I have a baby crying in the middle of the night! So I turned on the news and luckily the worst of the storms were to the east of us, but I had a hard time getting back to sleep.

In baby news, we find out the sex on Saturday at our elective u/s! This weekend I started to get really sore - my hips hurt and my back and abdomen just feel like they're being stretched. So I guess things are growing and moving along, even though I still don't have much of a bump to show for it.

I've been thinking that I've not left you with song lyrics lately, but alas, nothing comes to mind right now. Next time!


  1. Yeah for all of this- minus the dog. Can't wait to see MillerLite again!!

  2. Wow you are finding out this week!? That is so exciting!! I can't wait to hear the news!

  3. I can't WAIT for Saturday!!
    And I'm sorry about the doggie. Even going through the puppy things twice in the last 2 and a half years and knowing the havoc they wreak, I don't know if I would be able to resist.(Knowing how much puppies cost in the first year though...that might do it!!). Good luck with what you decide. Do you know what they would do with the pup if you didn't take it?
    Also (sorry so long!) CONGRATS on your beautiful niece! Glad all has turned out just fine.