Thursday, February 3, 2011

From crashes to swooshes - the soundtrack of my life

Before I get to the details of my doctor's appt from today, let me say that I barely left the house the past two days due to the massive ice storm we got. Work was cancelled, and I had some nice lazy time in front of the TV with the cat. A giant piece of a tree fell in front of our house on Tuesday night, causing me to seriously panic and make my hubby go move my car. It scared me to death and I barely slept Tuesday night because I was afraid something was going to fall on our house! Everything was creaking and cracking and chunks of ice were falling on the roof. Luckily our power stayed on and nothing else major happened.

So on to Baby Miller (aka Miller Lite) news. Today was my first OB appt and the first chance to prove there was really something growing in there! I was so nervous because I'm still convinced I am making all of this up! No bump, no morning sickness - could there really be a baby in there? My hubby went with me, and I got a feel for what it's like to take a child to the doctor. Poor guy. He hates anything medical and gets so antsy waiting for anything. Last night I told him they would be doing a pelvic exam and he said, "While I'm IN there?!" How is he ever going to survive the delivery room? haha.

So he impatiently flipped through some old Sports Illustrated issues in the exam room until the doctor came in and talked to us a little about what she would be doing, gave us some info on the NT scan, etc. Then she left while I got undressed (which he found odd - "You have to get completely naked?! Woman stuff is so weird.") and then he started poking around stuff in the office while I chastised him. He started opening cupboards, messing with the light they shine on your ahem...undercarriage... and I kept going, "Stop touching things!" Good grief.

So when the doctor came back in, she started by trying to find the heartbeat. As soon as she put the doppler on my belly we heard it for just a fraction of a second and she said, "Let's see if we can find it again." I was praying that she would, and a few seconds later she got it for several seconds and said, "There it is!" I hadn't thought I would get emotional, but I definitely teared up. I caught MH's eye over the table and smiled at him, and said, "So there's really something in there, huh?" and my doctor said, "Yep! There's something in there!" It was awesome to finally get some proof after all this time! Then the fun part was over. The hubs skipped out to go to work and I had my pelvic exam (blech).

I decided to make Baby Miller Facebook official after the appt, and it was crazy how nervous I felt telling the world. I still can't wait to see our little bean (well, I guess right now it's a prune. Gross.). I'm not sure if we'll have the NT scan or not - still have to decide - but we will be doing an elective u/s around 15 weeks to find out the sex early. Next check up is March 1. So all is well in our world today!


  1. Yay congrats!! Such exciting news! Your husband sounds JUST like mine...he will be the same way in the room - opening cabinets, playing with stuff, etc.

    I was just thinking earlier that I hadn't seen a blog post from you in a while and was hoping everything was going good...thanks for reading my mind and updating me! :)

  2. I am so happy for you both! I can't wait to hear how the rest of your pregnancy goes :)

  3. Yaaaay Miller! I'm so happy for you ;) And your husband sounds too funny. Mine thought it was "so cool" that they have a light to shine up there. hah!

    So glad you got some proof that you're not making this all up!

  4. Yay! So glad everything went good! :)

  5. Haha your poor husband! Mine was actually the opposite-he was deathly afraid to touch everything in the room and kept saying "I can't believe everything in here is for vaginas." HA

    I'm so happy you got to hear Miller Lite's precious heartbeat. It's magical. Congrats!

  6. The story about your hubby is hysterical--and so familiar. Mine is the same way in situations like that.

    I am SO excited that you got to hear the heartbeat. That is amazing and I know such comfort for you!