Thursday, March 31, 2011

She's still a she!

Today was our anatomy scan - I was a little nervous but everything was great! Unfortunately my hubby wasn't able to take off work, so mom was flying solo for this one. Baby girl's heart, kidneys, spine and all looked good, and the tech confirmed she is indeed a girl! (Not going to lie...I was a little nervous about that too! Especially with all the girly stuff I've already bought...)

Of course she was kicking up a storm all day yesterday and today she barely moved - except to open and close her mouth and to wave at me! :) We got a DVD of the u/s - here's a brief clip:

Baby Miller says, "Hi everyone!"

More good news is that my cervix looked great (I had a LEEP years ago and was worried about that). My OB did tell me that my placenta is "a little low" but that she definitely is not worried about it at this point. She said, "Really this just means you'll get another ultrasound at 30 weeks." Which of course makes me happy since I couldn't believe this would be the last time we saw our little girl before we see her for real! So hopefully that situation will resolve itself - otherwise I would need a C-section.

Finally, they will keep my due date at Aug. 31 but I am going with Aug. 27 - the date Fertility Friend originally gave me, which matched up perfectly with her measurements today. (If you recall I'd gotten two different dates - both ahead of that - with my prevous two ultrasounds.) That's the day after my grandma's birthday (which she shares with my aunt) and we MAY name baby girl after her.

Next appointment is the end of April when I start rotating through the OBs at my practice. Fun fact - the one I see next is the one who delivered my sister when she was born!

Otherwise we are still doing well - I've had some hip pain and round ligament pain that was bad enough to wake me up the other night but overall I can't complain. And I've felt plenty of kicks and saw them from the outside last night as well. I can't wait until my husband feels them too!


  1. Omgooodness!!! She is amazing. I am so happy for you!

  2. Look at that beautiful baby girl! I'm so glad she's healthy--and still a girl!

  3. Awww I love the video!! So happy she's still a she- Baby 'Houla needs a girlfriend in about 20 years ;-)

    Also, congrats on the kicks! I'm sure within a few days your husband will get to feel a few. DH was and is overjoyed every time he gets to feel. It's going to be amazing for you to see his face for the first time when he feels her :-)

  4. Aww! Look at her...she was waving! So cute! Good to hear she's still a girl! I'm a little nervous for our a/s on Thursday, that she will be a he instead. I didn't realize that one of your possible EDD's was August 31st...we're practically due date buddies.