Monday, April 11, 2011

Half Baked!

As of Saturday I officially hit the 20 week mark, meaning I am halfway through my pregnancy. How in the world is that possible? I feel like there's still so much to do. We should be getting our crib and bedding this week so we can start looking at painting the nursery, but we also have to deconstruct the ceiling due to some tiles falling down (we have ceiling tiles throughout the house because of our old plaster ceilings) and get some heat and A/C in the nursery. Oh, and at some point we need to decide on a name I suppose.

I know these updates are not the most fascinating things to read, and I promise to add something of substance here soon - maybe some house project updates because we have a few going on. Until then...

How far along are you?: 20 weeks

How big is baby? A mango I think (Correction - she's a cantalope. Wow that seems big!)

Weight gain/loss?: +10-ish lbs

Stretch marks?: not yet

Maternity clothes?: I've been rocking the mat pants more often than not

Sleep?: I've actually been sleeping great, though this morning I woke up at 5 a.m. because I was dreaming a bear was trying to eat me.

Best moment this week?: Hitting the halfway mark, and my husband seeing a kick (though he hasn't felt one yet).

Food cravings?: Nachos 

Gender?: She's still a girl

Movement?: She's kicking for sure.

Belly button?: Getting a little flatter.

Symptoms?: Still feel good!

What do I miss?: With the weather getting warmer I'd love a nice cold beer.

Here's my 20 week bump pic. I'm still regularly getting, "You barely look pregnant!" and "I looked like that at 8 weeks!" Eh. Whatever. You'll all change your tune when I'm waddling around in July!


  1. You look fabulous, dear! How can you be at 20 weeks already?
    On another note, I really appreciate that you still read my blog and always have such wonderful, supportive, encouraging words. It means the world to me to read comments like yours!

  2. I can't believe you are 20 weeks already!! You look great!

  3. You look so cute! And yay for being half baked!!! Congrats:)

  4. Hi Miller!!!!!
    I hope you don't mind me reaching out to you like this since we don't even know each other, but we got our BFP the beginning of this week and I am scared to death! We agreed not to tell our parents until after our dr. aptmt on 4/26, and I don't know how I am going to make it without a support system.... DH has been pretty great so far, but I feel like I am wearing him down, and I would love to talk to someone who has been there before. I remember your early PG posts about having almost no symptoms so if not for the tests you wouldn't believe you were pregnant! I am pretty much there, but at the same time wanting symptoms! So I dunno..... I just thought I'd reach out to you. If you feel like entertaining a stranger, my email is ~ I'd really appreciate it! Thanks & all the best!