Monday, October 11, 2010

All about me!

Thanks to Mrs. B for tagging me in her most recent post. Apparently I am now supposed to share seven things about myself and tag 15 others... but unfortunately I don't follow many other blogs yet and she tagged a few I already subscribe to! So I guess I'll just be vain and focus only on myself.

1 - I am more of a cat person than a dog person. Dogs are so demanding and in your face!

2 - I am extremely anal about grammar and spelling. My degree is in journalism and I am usually the go-to proofreader at any job I have (per Murphy's Law, I will inevitably misspell something in this post).

3 - I am currently taking a sign language class at the college I work for. It's always fascinated me, and I hope it will come in handy in the Disability Services office where I work. (I took one quarter in undergrad, but lost most of it because I never used it.)

4 - I like to make up my own silly lyrics to songs. Like to Rascal Flatts "What Hurts the Most" - every time it comes on I sing, "What hurts the most... Is eating burnt toast".

5 - I have a serious shoe and purse problem. When we moved, my brother-in-law said, "I think I carried in at least five huge boxes that said 'shoes'." Yup. You sure did.

6 - I have a huge extended family. My mom has six sisters and one brother and I have tons of cousins and second cousins. They are loud and crazy and I love it.

7 - I love tradition. I don't do well with change when it comes to things like Christmas and Thanksgiving because I love spending time with my family and having everything the same as it was when I was growing up.

So that's all about me! In other news, we brought our cat home to our new house last night. I'm not sure who was more traumatized - her or me. We kept trying to get her in the cardboard cat carrier and she kept freaking out and squeezing out of it. We'd catch her and try to put her back in only to have her escape again. I felt so bad!

Finally we just wrapped her in a beach towel and my husband held her, wrapped up like a little kitty burrito, and she cried pitifully all the way home. I was afraid she would be mad and hide for days like she did when we took her to my mom's, but she spent awhile exploring the house and when I woke up this morning she was curled up in bed with me. I seriously almost cried! She never sleeps with us because she usually attacks us in our sleep or cries or wreaks some kind of havoc. But I had to leave the door open so the a/c unit from the spare room would circulate in our room. (By the way, no one should need a/c in October in Ohio.)

So I am very thankful that our little family is all together under one roof again.

Weekend house progress: Ripped the disgusting gray 70s shag carpet out of the closet in the spare room all by myself! Had to pull up the tack strips and staples and my knees are killing me but it was worth it - the hardwoods underneath are in decent shape and I got lots of clothes put away. Now we just have to clear out the rest of the room so we can get the remaining carpet out. Here's a pic of the spare room before it was full of stuff:

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  1. I'm with you on numbers 1, 2, 6 & 7! Especially number 1! I hate how cats have such a bad rap...Just 'cause I'm more of a cat person doesn't mean I hate dogs, yet dog lovers usually diss on the poor innocent little kitties! :( Makes me sad! :)