Thursday, September 9, 2010

No sex = no baby

I am 99.99% sure I am out this cycle, with two weeks to go before it all starts again. I coerced my husband into sex on Tuesday night, but he wasn't able to "finish"... something that happened last month too. Judging by my basal temps, I probably ovulated either that day or the day after, and we haven't done it since. News flash for those who aren't up on their middle school sex ed: no sex = no baby.

I am really upset. Two months in a row, he has felt pressured and hasn't been able to do it when it matters. It's one thing to have a failed cycle when you're doing everything you can, but I feel like "Why bother?" I'm taking ovulation tests, taking my temperature every morning and trying everything I can to make this successful. But what if this problem continues? It's totally mental on his part, because we had sex twice over the previous weekend with no problems. This is only our second cycle of trying, but I am not sure how to overcome this. I've tried initiating sex not during a fertile time too, but that's not working.

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law find out tonight what the sex of their baby is. We are all living with my inlaws while we wait on our new houses, and I just don't know if I can handle it. She wants me to be pregnant with her (which obviously I want too), and last month she gave me a hopeful, "Any luck this month?" The next month or two are going to result in lots of blue or pink presents and her shower (she wants an outdoor/bonfire shower). And with every moment of joy for her, I am going to have to fight the urge to cry.

So much for the wonderful miracle of making a baby. This sucks.


  1. ((big hugs)) Sometimes my husband can't finish either. It bothers me, but I never really know what to say to help him because I know he feels worse than I do. I'm also sorry you have to be in such close quarters with SIL over the next few months. Hopefully, you'll get your BFP soon!

  2. Sorry, I can't offer much advice. The only thing I can say is maybe try to do things for him other than in the bedroom. Boost his confidence in other areas. That could get him more in the mood on his own. It helps with MH. Same goes when he does things for me or says sweet things.