Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Inappropriate Comments, Take 2 - I Don't Want a Secondhand Duck

Last night while I took my final exam for the sign language class I took this quarter, my husband went to his dad's house to have an early birthday dinner (his bday is Thursday). I went to pick him up on my way home, and stopped in a for a few minutes to say hi to the family. His dad's girlfriend (who is never exactly soft-spoken or tactful) immediately says, "Come see what I got your baby!"

You're shitting me, right?

She continues babbling as I follow her upstairs: "I got Halloween costumes on clearance for the grandbabies!"
*enters their bedroom where there are little Halloween costumes hanging on the curtain rod*

"I figure we're going to have all these grandkids, so they can recycle them every year. I got the duck and the monkey so (SIL) and (BIL) can choose one next year. And I got your baby the devil costume. Because your little boy will be a little devil! Isn't it cute?!"

Internal monologue as I stand there with a smile plastered on my face: We don't have a baby, but don't you worry, it's not for lack of trying. And when we do, I don't want it to wear a devil costume. I want the adorable duck costume. And I don't want it pre-worn. And I want a girl, not a boy.

"We need more than one grandbaby! I don't want to share (BIL and SIL's)! You guys need to get on making some babies!"

Continue smiling blankly while trying not to cry/scream at her.

I proceeded to say something appropriate but vague like, "Yeah, they are cute." And then went back to the kitchen to see if my husband was ready to leave. This is not the first time she has said something along those lines, but the first time since we have been TTC. And, among many other reasons, this would be why I avoid their house at all costs. Serious in-law fail.


  1. OMG! My mouth droped while reading this. That is TERRRRRIBLE! If she is like that now, whats going to happen when you are pregnant?

  2. Oh, for Heaven's sake! MT, I'm so sorry you're having to deal with all of this! ((big hugs))