Monday, December 6, 2010

Got the cart, now where's the horse?

I have to confess my first cart before the horse purchases. I am borderline embarassed to admit this...but I bought a diaper bag and maternity jeans over the weekend! I was at Marshalls on Saturday and found an adorable diaper bag that was only $13, and my friend K (who is a total shopping enabler) supported my buying it. I said, "It's pink, so I'd better have a girl!" and she said, "You're the mom - you can carry whatever you want!" This is why it's a bad idea for us to go shopping together.

Then we went to Old Navy where I found a pair of maternity jeans in my size on the clearance rack. They were 50% off because they are an online exclusive, and I would get an extra 20% off because of a sale they were having. So they were $15! Who can pass that up? So...I bought them. Told myself it was a sign that they had one pair and they were my size. At the register, the cashier happened to be K's cousin and she says, "You know these are maternity jeans. And they're non-returnable." Me (feeling like a lunatic): "Uh huh."

I promptly took both things home and hid them in the back of my closet. I think maybe I was just feeling optimistic because I am pretty sure I ovulated that day and managed to get in some sexy time with the husband. I really hope it pays off!

In other weekend news, I spent all day yesterday finishing our Christmas tree and putting up decorations. My hubby put up the outdoor lights Saturday. And I even got out the plexiglass panels to winterize our front screened-in porch last night! It was a cold, tedious job but at least we don't have snow blowing onto the porch anymore.

I even tried my hand at baking - which, if you recall from my "I'm a Terrible Housewife" post, is not something I typically do. My friend's mom used to make these awesome little pastries called kolaches (I've seen various spellings) that have jam in them, so I found a pretty simple recipe and tried it out. Here are some of the better results (on the left) and the ones that didn't stick together on the right:
They weren't great. They were pretty bland and didn't stay together very well. I think I'm going to look for another recipe or see if my friend can get me her mom's.

So all in all, a very busy and productive weekend!


  1. I think your tree is beautiful, whether it's fake or not. Stick Around doesn't know what she's talking about! ;)

    That diaper bag must be pretty popular, one of good friends carries it! She loves it!

  2. I hope those jeans come out of hiding sooner thank you think!!

  3. Your house looks beautiful.

    Hopefully the diaper bag and jeans bless you with a little bean!

  4. Your tree is beautiful!

    I really hope you get to use those jeans pretty darn soon!

  5. Aww your house looks adorable!! I love how you post pics, I should really take the hint/stop being lazy...haha

    It is past time for you to get to use those pants and diaper bag, so I really, really hope this is it girl! Good luck!