Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why my husband doesn't work for the CIA

I might kill my husband. Ok, lest that ends up in some sort of legal records somewhere, let me say I'm kidding. Kind of.

Last night I came home from work, and we were headed to dinner with some friends. I said, "I won't be drinking, don't you think they're going to notice?" (Not that I'm a lush, but I usually have a beer or wine with dinner.)

And he says, "How long are you planning to wait to tell everyone anyway? I already told Mom."

I went from zero to Irish in about 10 seconds.

"WHAT?! I told you not to tell anyone yet!"

"I'm excited! I had to tell! You know I can't keep a secret!"

"Yes, but I needed you to keep THIS secret! I told you that! Things can still go wrong! I'm about 2 seconds pregnant -"

"Two DAYS..."

"It doesn't matter."

"I may have told my dad too..."

Oh. My. God. His dad dates this woman who has the biggest mouth on the planet. If she finds out, game over. Now I feel like I have to tell my parents too, before they find out secondhand. I had been thinking MAYBE we would be telling our parents and siblings on Christmas (at 5 weeks) if things were still ok.

Oh, then he threw in the kicker, because I was close to tears - "Are you getting all pregnant and emotional already?"

I went upstairs to get ready to leave, about to lose it, then felt a little bad after the fact. I have all of my wonderful online friends to talk to, and he doesn't have anyone. I know he's excited. But it's just still so early.

I'm so worried this baby won't stick. I think I'm going to call my doctor's office on Monday to see if I can have bloodwork done because they didn't order any. Decent betas would make this easier, I think, because I keep taking tests and I confess that I'm still temping. The tests are getting slightly darker, but are still light, and my temp has gone down a little. It just fuels my fears.

Stick, Miller Lite, stick...
(Thanks to Kathy for that nickname, hehe)


  1. Stick little one, stick! Love the miller lite nickname too!

    Oh my gosh, your husband sounds just like mine! Couldn't keep his mouth shut if he wanted to. I always thought it was girls that talked too much, but not in our cases!

  2. Ahhh! So nerve wracking! Stick Miller Lite, Stick! I know you are nervous, but I hope it will pass an you can enjoy growing Miller Lite! xoxo

  3. Stick, Miller Lite, Stick! I think we need to have stickers made! ;)

    I'm sorry he did that! Hopefully they won't spread the word before you get a chance to tell your family!

  4. I hope you get a chance to tell them at Christmas yourself. It's not fair for other people besides you and YH to spread your news. Thinking happy, sticky baby thoughts!! Can't WAIT to see Miller Lite! (Doesn't Kathy come up with the best nn's?)

  5. I would have been upset too. It would have been nice for yall to tell together:)I hope little miller lite sticks!!!!

  6. First, put down the thermometer! You are going to drive yourself nuts and that's not good for anybody!

    Second, sorry! I feel your pain as my hubby might very likely do that same thing--he's the reason half the free world knows we are trying. On the plus side, he's excited and wants the world to know!

    I hope you get to tell your parents in your own way. Hopefully other people will understand that--but, for now, tell Mr. MT to zip it!