Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just stopping by

I have been neglecting my blogly duties as of late, I know. I intended to post Christmas pics, have a half-written New Year's post, and yet none of them have found their way to blog land. So my humble apologies.

I have also toyed with the idea of getting rid of/hiding/migrating some of my old TTC posts and sharing this blog with friends and family in the "real world", but that sounds time consuming and time is not something I have massive quantities of lately.

In general, things are good. I started 2013 feeling hopeful about this year for our family, in a vaguely optimistic way I can't quite explain. Amelia is 17 months old now, and amazing and fun (I'll post more specifics later!). I am loving mommyhood these days.

Will you accept a pic of my cutie pie to placate you until I come back with something of substance? Here's my munchkin enjoying the snow in our back yard last weekend, which was a far more successful excursion than our first attempt, where she screamed and cried hysterically and said, "Nooooo!" over and over. I get it. Mama doesn't like winter either!