Monday, March 2, 2015

Dear Amelia - 3.5 Years

Dear Amelia,

This past weekend we celebrated your cousin's fourth birthday. That means in less than six months YOU are going to be four. I'm having trouble believing that can be true. Four isn't a baby anymore. Four is definitely a big girl. 

You are absolutely, without a doubt the light of our lives, sweet pea. You are making up for all of those rough months at the beginning of your life by being the most amazing toddler/preschooler. While you are certainly stubborn and ornery at times, you are really very well-behaved most of the time. I've had many people comment about how "good" you are. The tantrums I hear about from other kids your age are few and far between, though you get frustrated by the word "no," of course. You want to be independent, putting on your coat by yourself and wanting to help make lunch and dinner (which you also call lunch). Speaking of which, you're still a great eater - you'll happily eat fish, steak, broccoli, and salad with "cranch," though macaroni and cheese is still your favorite.

You are definitely a girly girl. You love princess dress-up (Frozen!) and twirly dresses and pink/sparkly things. You've also inherited your daddy's artistic abilities. You love to color and draw and are great at it. I'm impressed! You can spell your name and are working on writing it. You love singing, being silly and being tickled. And we are thrilled that you still love hugs and kisses and snuggles, which you initiate all the time.

Right around when you turned three you finally started sleeping really well, all the time. You're now in your toddler bed and are quite happy there. You even let Mommy snuggle in with you and your Ellie elephant for a little bit at bedtime and it's one of my favorite moments every day. 

There are times when I still can hardly believe you're mine, because I'm just in awe of what a wonderful, beautiful little person you are becoming. I love you so much, Amelia Bedelia.

Love always,