Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dear Amelia - 18 months

Dear Amelia,

In a few days you will offically be 18 months old. One and a half. I like "18 months" better because it sounds like you are still my baby and not on your way to being a big girl. Yesterday you had your 18 month check-up, and you were just over 26 lbs (75th percentile) and just over 30 inches tall (25th percentile). Which isn't surprising because you love to eat! I can't think of many things you have tried and spit out. You like everything (and I'm sure I just jinxed that). You have two more pesky canine teeth coming through that have been messing with your sleep lately, but hopefully that will pass soon.

Every day with you is an adventure. You love to climb and run and stand on things you shouldn't (toys, chairs, people...) - it's hard to catch a picture of you these days because you rarely sit still. And you're tough. You tend to trip a lot but even if you hit your head on something you jump right back up with minimal crying. (We got your legs checked out recently since they are bowed, which causes a lot of your falls, but the doctors said you'll outgrow that.)

You love books, and your favorite is "Sam Sheep Can't Sleep." We have been known to read it five times a day. You don't necessarily talk as much as some other kids your age that we know, but you are getting there. You reguarly say "Nain!" for thank you. You also love "teeees!" (cheese - saying it and eating it). Last weekend when you crashed in bed with Daddy and me, you woke me up by saying, "Mah-mee! Mah-mee!" for the first time ever! I was so happy. (Before, Daddy and I were both "Da".) You also said "ball" and "block" in context this weekend. You can point out your toes, ears, nose, mouth, and eyes - the only one you say is "eyes", but you can find them when we ask. You say "two" when we're counting, and sometimes "six." You say, "feess!" for fish, and some of your other words include keys, go, tree, and light. Even though you don't say them every day, you know what they mean.

Your favorite phrase right now is, "Oh no!" with a very concerned, dramatic look on your face. And my dear, you are nothing if not dramatic! Your facial expressions are so over the top. You are always making us laugh.
Cheese face

Excited Valentine's face - OMG, a card!
Kiddo, it's really hard to sum up how amazing your are. It's so much fun to watch you learn and explore. You are ornery and keep us on our toes, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Saying hi to a baby goat

We love you so much, munchkin pants. I can't believe you're on your way to two years old. Slow down!

Love always,