Tuesday, September 22, 2015


(Posted about a month belatedly. I'm sorry!)

Dear Amelia,

I didn't expect to be so emotional about your fourth birthday, but I've spent a week fighting back tears as I put together a slideshow of pictures from the past year and get ready for your carousel themed birthday party. This summer has turned you into a big kid. I feel like you get taller every day - your legs are getting longer and skinnier, your face is getting thinner, your hair is getting longer. I am reminded every day that before long you'll be going off to kindergarten, and these little kid days will be behind us. I'm not ready, kiddo.

You moved up to the Firefly room at school and your favorite thing to do these days is color and draw. I feel like you rarely play with toys these days - you just want to color and draw and write. You are constantly asking me how to spell words and I'm amazed when you know how to write the letters with little help from me. The other day you wrote quite a bit of the alphabet all by yourself. I may be biased but I think you are one smart little cookie.

You insist on wearing dresses every day and love girly things. You're still obsessed with Frozen and dressing up in princess dresses. Mommy is a little sad that your Ellie elephant you slept with for the past few years is no longer a necessity for bedtime, and you've been rotating through other stuffed animal friends instead.

You are still our little love bug. You love giving kisses and hugs and snuggling. In the mornings you often come into our room and tap me on the arm before asking if you can snuggle before we get up for the day. Yes. The answer will always be yes.

Of course you still have your stubborn moments - you like to get your way and you are an expert negotiator. ("Just one more?" "Just a few more minutes?") You throw some doozy fits every now and then but overall you're just an awesome kid. Your language is so clear and precise and you are inquisitive and silly.

You recently started ballet instead of gymnastics and when I snuck a peek in the room you were twirling all over the place. I hope you are always so happy and carefree.

Happy 4th birthday, princess! We love you so much!

Love always,