Thursday, November 7, 2013

That's My Girl! (kind of)

*Disclaimer: I am totally, 100% stealing this idea from Lacey over at Life of Lacey.*

99% of people who look at A or her pictures say (with good reason), "She looks just like her daddy!" The handful who tell me she looks like me? Well, they've likely never seen her dad. I have scrounged up a few pictures from when I was young where there is kindasortamaybe a slight resemblance. But there is no mistaking she is my husband's daughter.

When it comes to her personality, though, a bit of her mama peeks through. She seems to be a good combination of both of us - which I suppose is good and bad, depending on the trait!

Amelia is, and has always been, a pretty good eater. While she has recently learned she has choices and chooses to exercise them (she requests cheese and "squeezie pouch!" countless times a day), there are very few foods she refuses to touch. Actually, none come to mind. For awhile she wouldn't touch potatoes in any form (I could live on potatoes) but she will happily try just about anything - spicy, squishy, crunchy, cold - you name it, she'll eat it.

My husband is a foodie and is the cook in our house. I wouldn't even cut up a raw tomato or raw chicken until about five years ago, and mushrooms are my kryptonite.
Daddy - 1, Mommy - 0

My kiddo is super shy when meeting people for the first time, or even when interacting with family members she doesn't see often. She's pretty obvious about it too - avoids all eye contact, turns her head, buries it in mom or dad's shoulder, hides behind your legs. She spent her first week or more at her new daycare crying/being held by the teacher (I did the exact same thing when I was in preschool, only I imagine it was harder for the teachers to hold a four-year-old on their lap...). My hubby is still kind of shy and doesn't like new/different situations. So I'll call this one even.

However, I have overcome the shyness thing as I've gotten older. And I love being out and about whenever possible. Amelia, once she gets over her initial discomfort, is quite the silly social butterfly. And she has always enjoyed getting out of the house for a change of scenery. I'm with her on that one, and hoping for a future shopping buddy.
Daddy - 1, Mommy - 1

We've said it since she was young - she's got "a Miller head." Meaning she is tough and bulldozes through/over/around anything in her way. When she falls down or bumps her noggin she often doesn't even cry. She is physical in every way. My mom has told me several times, "You thought you would have a boy - I think you got one anyway." My husband and his brothers played football and have more scars and old injuries than I can count.
Daddy - 2, Mommy - 1
(note purple mark on her forehead where she ran into... who knows what)

I think I have a pretty imaginative girl. She's at that great stage where she loves to pretend, whether it's taking care of her babies, cooking/serving food from her play kitchen, or singing silly songs. She loves to read books, and has quickly picked up on numbers, shapes, and colors. (Bragging point - her teacher said she is the only one in their room who knows most of her colors.) My husband was not the scholarly type. And he once told me, "I don't think I've ever read a whole book in my entire life." (As I had a family friend who used to call me "Bookworm" because I was always reading, this statement prompted me to ask, "Do you ever wonder how we're even together?!")
Daddy -2, Mommy - 2

Since we're even at this point, I think I'm going to stop while I'm potentially ahead (we're not counting that she looks just like him in these totals, right? Good.) There are plenty of other ways I think she takes after each of us, from sleeping with her elephant and blankie (still have mine!) to her quick temper/frustration (all Daddy! Ok well...maybe some of me too). I love seeing her personality develop, and I always wonder what the future will bring. Hopefully a good mix of both of us!