Friday, December 1, 2017

Logan - 6 months

Dear Logan,

My sweet baby boy - I am sorry I haven't written any letters to you before now. The fact is, Mama was scared I wouldn't really ever get to hold you in my arms after we had two losses before you. My pregnancy was tougher this time than with your sister - I was sick to my stomach a lot and had lots of aches and pains. And well, life has been pretty busy since you came along. I promise to write out your birth story for you though. I want to make sure we both remember how you came into the world.

You have been in our lives for six months now, and I finally understand all of those parents who say it feels like you've always been a part of our family. It was a little hard to adjust to being a family of four, and we are still learning how to best manage it. But you are so very loved by everyone. Your big sister makes sure she gives you a kiss and tells you, "I love you, Logan!" before bed and when she leaves in the morning for school. And you are fascinated with watching her. I know it won't always be smooth sailing because it never is with siblings, but I hope you two always have a special bond.

Speaking of special bonds, you really love your mama. So much that you have been sleeping in bed with me every night since you were born. I know we need to break that habit at some point, but I also am trying to soak up all of your snuggles and little-ness because I feel like you have already grown so much. When I'm not laying with you, you snuggle up to and grab the nearest thing you can find. You have had mama's milk every day since you were born - sometimes we have to add some formula in when you are at the babysitter's or mama is out of town - but I love seeing the contentment on your face when I feed you, and knowing that I can comfort you. Your little hands usually clench my shirt as tight as they can when you're nursing. You started out as a binky boy, and then gave it up, but you are back to wanting one again.

At six months, you are on the move. You first rolled back to belly a week before you turned four months, and a week or two later you rolled belly to back. You scoot all around, and you are constantly kicking. I have no doubt you will be crawling soon, and then we'll be in trouble! You already manage to move yourself around a room pretty well! Like your sister, you aren't big on sleep. You wake mama up a few times a night and your naps are usually less than an hour. On Thanksgiving you had your first food - some sweet potatoes - and you've loved them each time you've had them since. You grab the spoon and squeal for more!

You had your first real illness a couple of weeks ago - a nasty cough and ear infection. You stayed pretty happy throughout it though. You are generally such a happy boy. You love to "talk" and smile and laugh when you're tickled, which shows your cute little dimple on your right cheek. You chew on everything and drool like crazy, so I'm wondering if you will have teeth soon.

We will be celebrating your first Christmas soon. It's always a busy time for us, but it's also so magical sharing it with our children. I love you so much, Logi bear. I can't wait to continue watching you grow and learn.

Love always,

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